How should Andrew Jackson be judged?

February 5, 2012

Based upon Document 6 Jackson’s Letter to Congress concerning government employment, Document 7 Jackson’s appointment of Samuel Swartwout, the National Bank text reading, Document 8 Jackson’s Letter to Congress concerning Indian Removal, Document 9 Memorial of the Cherokee Nation and any other material you have read or viewed, how would you judge Andrew Jackson as president? Write your response in a paragraph below making sure you reference the documents in your decision.

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  •    ReyesCynthia  |  February 8th, 2012 at 3:59 pm     

    I would judge Andrew Jackson as a polarizing/bad president.He did things that were good and bad for our nation.They only thought he could be a good president because he was a war hero.He is a popular president, because he was in a battle with some British troops…..(?)even though the war had been over so it was kind of pointless.In The Letter To Congress (evidence#6)he writes about how people should have the right to vote for their president .In that same document it says “in a country where offices are created for the benefit of the people ,this shows that he’s considerate.In “The Life of Andrew Jackson” he refused to listen to the people who were surrounding him but he went along because Van Bulen had been an early supporter and he favored that .In the letter to Congress (evidence#8)he’s “setting apart a large district West of Mississippi”because he wants to lure away the native americans.In The Memorial of the Cherokee Nation “they were driven away by the government”.In The Indian Removal,it showed evidence that Andrew Jackson had a map where he planned to move all the Native Americans ,in a small territory, most of them died moving forward the territory.

  •    KMunoz  |  February 8th, 2012 at 5:59 pm     

    As a president, citizens have no right to judge Andrew Jackson. His intentions appear to concern those who do not want the government to listen to them, which applies to no one. Every person at that time wants the government to hear and understand them, Andrew Jackson encourages that and believes freedom of speech must be a part of the government. Although as a person, Jackson does not deserve to be let off easy, as he is an irresponsible and rude man, who throws parties in the White House and gives the White House a bad name and instead of people respecting it they point to it and call it a party place. Also, he is a warhero which shows that he has the ability and drive to support, maintain, and adavance the country, so much that he gave his life for it. Again he does not deserve to be judged because he has a good intention for the the country and actually listens to the people.

  •    rmejia  |  February 8th, 2012 at 6:21 pm     

    As Andrew Jackson being a president he had done a lot of things for people but also bad as to take the indians away from their home and were they belong.Acording to pg 459 he had many struggles but passed them. In aditional he was elected and re-ellected because he was a soldier. In a way he was inresponsible because took money off the bank and put them into smaller states bank.

  •    dsalazar  |  February 8th, 2012 at 6:51 pm     

    Although Andrew Jackson had done many good and wonderful things. I wouldn’t judge him as a good president. He appointed Samuel Swartwout because he was on his side during his election, and even after someone told him he had a criminal record in Document 7, he went a long with it and Samuel stole more than a million dollars. He also broke many treaties he made with the Native Americans, and forced them to move off there land in Document 9. Even though in Document 8 it looked like he saw what was happening and wanted to set aside a big piece of land for them. It can’t compared to what happened next.

  •    IsraelMontiel  |  February 8th, 2012 at 7:16 pm     

    Andrew Jackson, one of the most polarized presidents in American history, has done several things to be a very negative president. Jackson was responsible for holding a spoils system where he replaced the government employees with his supporters, while he himself stated in Document 6 that “No one man has any more… right to (government jobs) than another”. He believed that if a government official did not support him, he, in the eyes of Jackson, had less of a right to that position than someone that supported him. Document 7 explains that Jackson’s spoils system led him to appoint Samuel Swartwout, a Jackson supporter with “criminal tendencies”. Swartwout would eventually go on to steal $1,222,705.09 from the government and take it all to Europe. Jackson, also wrote a letter to Congress (Document 8) where he stated that it would be a great tragedy if Native Americans are forced off their homelands and that emigration should be voluntary. However, he was the one who led a campaign against Creek tribes and broke several treaties with Native Americans. He never considered Native Americans as potential citizens and pushed them back to replace the tribes with white, American settlers. These are just some of the reasons why he is one of the most controversial presidents in history.

  •    Oscar  |  February 8th, 2012 at 7:56 pm     

    Andrew Jackson should be judged as an iconic man. Many people disliked him because of his plan to use the spoils system. That meant employees would be replaced and family members or friends would be placed. Many consider Andrew Jackson to be the Adolf Hitler of that time period. He would kill Native Americans and was a slave owner. The good things about him were that he improved trading and allowed white males to serve in government. He was mostly a bad guy.

  •    Kreyes  |  February 8th, 2012 at 8:52 pm     

    Andrew Jackson is a polerizing person so it is very hard to decide wether he was a good or bad president.Based on the materials i have read and viewed I can judge Anrew Jackson as a a bad president ,in Document 8 Jackson’s Letter to Gongress concerning Indian Removal it shows that Jackson was not concerned with how the Native Americans where treated even though in the Constituion it is stated that they should be treated ‘friendly’.In Document 9 Memorial of the Cherokee Nation it shows how the Indians did not want to leave Their homeland where their past ancestors have lived and yet Andrew Jackson ignored them and proceeded with his plan. People may argue that Andrew Jackson was a good president because he was a War Hero however Andrew Jackson made many unfair choices that created new conflicts for the United States

  •    cmiraglia  |  February 8th, 2012 at 8:52 pm     


    Well written and defended. Good use of documents as a reference

  •    cmiraglia  |  February 8th, 2012 at 8:55 pm     

    Well done with good use of references

  •    d.garcia  |  February 8th, 2012 at 9:01 pm     

    I personally do not like Andrew Jackson. It was unfair the way he treated the Native Americans. He treated them awfully and he kicked them off their land even though the Native Americans were their first. During his presidency he left the other higher positions to people who fully supported him. But as a result of this a man stole about one million dollars from the U.S. How could a president let that go, the man who stole never even got found or caught. This is my personal opinion but of course there are people who completely disagree with me.

  •    Priscilla G  |  February 8th, 2012 at 10:23 pm     

    Andrew Jackson still is a polarized president. Some people absolutely loved him and continued to vote for him for president after his death while others are trying to get him off the twenty dollar bill. In my opinion Andrew Jackson was not a good president. Although Jackson did try to follow in the ideas of Thomas Jefferson and giving the smaller people a voice he did it at a high cost. In order to expand the land of the nation Jackson broke many treaties with the Native Americans, took away their land, forced them on all together in what was known as the Trail of Tears. This in turned killed many trying to get to where they needed to go and those who did not want to leave were murdered. This was wrong because it was the Native Americans land. Jackson also did not necessarily look for the best candidate for the positions needed but those who would support him throughout his career and all the choices he made. One example of this would be when Jackson appointed Samuel Swartwout who was known to have criminal tendencies but since he was an early supporter of Jackson he was given the job and in turn stole $1,222,705.09. Anyone who was not a supporter of Jackson would be replaced by someone who was. Jackson did things that were despicable in his career and too few that did in fact benefit most of the people in the country and in my eyes is not as good as some believe.

  •    MonicaL  |  February 8th, 2012 at 10:28 pm     

    Andrew Jackson. War hero and a great president or a sadist and a theif? When it comes to judging Andrew Jackson I found more negatives than positives. On a background essay of Andrew Jackson I read that though he was a war hero he was very violent and in some way took pleasure in that violence for when he was involved in bar predicaments he would take his victims and place them in a farm as somewhat a joke. For someone who is seen to care for people he contradicted that concept through his actions. However, in document 6 and in the reading in page 459 of the American Journey textbook, he is displayed as a hero for he was helping citizens less fortunate in declaring the national bank, run by the wealthy, unconstitutional and vetoing the new bank charter for all to have a sense of equality. However, although this may sound positive, and indeed it was for many, the only ones that benefited from this were the WHITE farmers, settlers, and others less wealthy. He did not expand this kindness to others. Others such as the Native Americans. In documents 9 and 10 it explains the concept of tribes being forcefully evacuated from their home lands and placed into unknown land far to the west towards Wyoming and Colorado where the land is more than fairly dry which may lead to the Native Americans facing many hardships. A letter from the Cherokee tribe describes how they are going to have to face unknown territory where anything could happen. Andrew Jackson, however, is seen as kind for he at least provided some land to the Native Americans when others would have perfered to kill them and simply counquer the land that was left in their wake. Many should realize that the movement of the Native Americans from the East towards the West was brutal. Thousands died and it was unecessary. If the English settlers had just settled around the Native Americans and had come to a compromise then all was fair. They were on the land first, and also the Native Americans helped them on their journey to discover the west and this is how English settlers come to repay them. Once allies now became enemies. Though Andrew Jackson cared for those less fortunate, he didnt seem to care for the Native Americans for he was almost barbaric in taking away their lands forcefully and was perhaps responsible for many tribe extinctions. I cant seem to think positive of a man who may have helped many but anihalated many as well. Customs and cultures gone, yet his nation seemed to stand. I found no justice.

  •    MayraB  |  February 9th, 2012 at 7:55 am     

    Although president Andrew Jackson, a polar-opposite man, did good accomplishments in our history like supporting state banks, there are other accomplishments that led to my judgement that he was a bad president. While in “How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson?” he became determined to create a new era of real democracy, where the people would be heard but he was never certain who would be in “the people” since he never considered Native Americans nor slaves. When he became president, he replaced government employees with winning candidates supporters even though he said in Document 6 that “the duties of all public officers are so plain and simple that anyone can qualify” and that “no man has more right to the job than another.” In Document 7, Jackson was irresponsible since he appointed Samuel Swartwout who eventually stole $1,222,705.09. Like in Document 3 where he was stepping on the Constitution and was where a crown, in Document 9 and 10, he stepped on the Native Americans with the “Trial of Tears” since he made them move to the territory reserved for them or otherwise they would be killed. Although Jackson may be a good president, to me, he was a bad president for these reasons.

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